What You Should Know About Google+

by Chris Jaeger

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What You Should Know About Google+

Google+ (Google Plus) is Google’s answer to Facebook. It’s Google’s latest attempt, and most powerful attempt to date, to push deeper into the world of social media.

They’ve stumbled a bit in the past, but this time it looks like they’ve got it right.

I predict Google+ will be big – how big, that is hard to say.

But I also think it’s something that you want to get involved with now.

I wouldn’t stop everything you’re doing, but don’t wait until next year to get your feet wet with it.

Google+ won’t be knocking Facebook out of first place anytime soon, but it should be an important part of your overall Internet Marketing Strategy.

Here’s why:

Google Love

Like it or not, the more Google knows about YOU and your website/blog the better. Google+ is another way you can tell Google who you are and more about your business. Your Google Profile and your Google Account are the two key components here.


If you’ve been watching Google like I have for the past few years you can clearly see they are making a big push into what I call “SLAM” – Social, Local, and Mobile. They’ve targeted mobile with their Android mobile operating system, local with Google Places, and the social piece is now firmly set in place with Google+.


After social, more than 80% of the connections people make to the Internet are to search. Let’s not forget who owns search! Google is in a very powerful position to move Google+ forward quickly because they are making it easier and easier to do everything ALL IN ONE PLACE.

A bride can check her email to get her Daily Wedding Planning Tip (GMAIL), she can find a local wedding consultant while on the train to work (Google mobile Search), and at lunch on her laptop (or iPad) she can quickly find a local dry cleaner who specializes in wedding gown alterations and cleaning, make an online inquiry, or share a bookmark to the site with her fiancé.

She really can’t do any of these things as easily using Facebook.

The Cool Factor

Google didn’t rush into this and certainly they spent hundreds of thousands of hours picking apart Facebook. In my opinion, their interface is much easier to use than Facebook, the concept of “Circles” to manage friends and acquaintances and communicate in a targeted way is pure genius. Facebook must have agreed, because they are making similar changes as I write this!

The one piece missing, or not introduced yet, is the Google+ connection to “business” pages. In other words, how will Google+ allow businesses to promote themselves similarly to a Facebook business page?

Everyone is waiting for the answer to that. Stay tuned.

What You Should Do Today

If you don’t have a Google Account, register and get one today.

Then configure your Google account, which creates your Google Profile. Be sure to include links to your website and blog in you Google Profile.

Post to your Google+ “Stream” at least once a week – for now. Be sure to include links to your website in your posts. Be sure to use your targeted keywords (SEO).

Find and add people to your “Circles” – a few at a time. You can add me easily by visiting this page:


Learn more about Google+, as well as optimizing your web presence for Google Places (formerly Google Maps) which now are showing up at the top of many search engine results pages, at a FREE online workshop tomorrow, Tuesday September 20th, at 1:30pm.

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