$125 Website Review, Detailed Recommendations
One-Hour Follow-up Phone Conference Included

by Chris Jaeger

Not getting the results you used to get from your website?

Maybe you’re only getting two or three inquiries a week – or even fewer?

Maybe you need an expert analysis with detailed and specific recommendations?

My name is Chris Jaeger and I have more than 15 years of Internet marketing experience in the wedding industry – and a track record of developing successful Internet marketing strategies and building websites that deliver great results.

Let me give your website and overall web presence an expert, honest, and objective review. My review also includes an SEO audit (one of my competitors charges $795.00 for a search engine optimization audit – yikes!).

My fee for your review, which includes detailed recommendations, is available for a limited time for $125.00. A full one-hour phone follow-up one-on-one phone consultation is also included in the price.

If you decide after my review and consultation to hire me to help you with your Internet marketing, I’ll give you a full $125.00 credit towards any work you hire me to do! Turn-around is anywhere between 7 to 10 business days right now, based on my workload.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you with your Internet marketing.

Recent Applause…

“I’m planning my Internet marketing strategy for the next 12 to 18 months and thought it was a good idea to get some expert advice. Chris’s analysis and recommendations were fantastic. He reviewed my website and blog AND Google Analytics. I used one of the recommendations from his report and saw my rankings jump at Google in less than a week. He knows what he’s talking about and makes this stuff easy to understand. The phone follow-up was great! This is an investment I would recommend to anyone in the wedding industry who wants better results from their Internet marketing! Thanks Chris!”

Joseph Delgado, Joseph Delgado Wedding Photography
New Jersey Wedding Photographers

“Hi Chris, Wow this is good stuff!  Vendors are crazy not to hire you to review
their website and Internet presence. I love all the notes and ideas, it is worth
every penny!

Colleen Bauer
A Bride’s Fairy Godmother
Wedding Planners in Bakersfield California

“Hey Chris, thought I would share this with you, I improved our Google ranking by about four positions since I started making the changes to the site that you recommended. I’m still working on the other recommendations you made. Thanks so much!

Doug Palme Photography
St. Louis Wedding Photographers

“Chris’s expertise and guidance has been invaluable to our business. We have a great looking website, it works well, it’s top ranked at Google, it generates inquiries, and we’re closing sales. If you are marketing to brides online and need expert advice, Chris will help you get to where you want to be!”

Carol Clarke, Bridal Gown Care
Los Angeles Wedding Gown Cleaners


“I needed expert advice on what to do with our website as well as what our Internet marketing strategy should be. I get email messages and phone calls all week with all sorts of offers, promises, and “guarantees. Chris evaluated our current situation and then provided detailed recommendations for our website and going-forward online marketing strategy.”

John Harris, Shine Band
Boston Wedding Bands


“In the middle of a complete re-branding, I was having doubts on my website and wondering if it was serving my marketing strategy well. I had no idea Chris offered that service, but boy did it help. He went over everything, pointed out what was not working and gave me advice on what would work better. If you are considering having Chris help you, don’t hesitate, his expertise and suggestions are priceless.”

Yara Holt, Bridal Horizons/Plume Events
St. Louis Wedding Consultant

“Thanks Chris for the great consultation on our website analysis and marketing tips. You really understand the wedding business and had many simple, yet extremely effective ideas that I know will improve our inquiries and bookings! Thanks for being so prompt and for all your expertise!!”

Jean Phalen, Strings Attached, Inc
Tampa Bay String Ensembles

“Chris’s insight and recommendations helped me tremendously when I’m at a point where I need to decide how to increase my online visibility and search engine placement at Google. My marketplace is extremely competitive. He obviously knows his stuff and gave me exactly the information I needed that will help me reach my target audience.”

Todd France
New York City Wedding Photographer

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, I am including a comprehensive website traffic analysis (if you use Google Analytics) and will also include a review of your Google Adwords campaign (if you are using Google Adwords PPC). To take advantage of this extra value order your website and Internet marketing strategy review today!


  1. Website review by an Internet marketing expert with 15 years of wedding industry experience
  2. I’ll review your blog and social media touch-points also
  3. Detailed notes and recommendations with annotated screen-captures
  4. A one-hour follow-up phone consultation, which can be done as an online web meeting / screen-share if you’d like
  5. A review of your Google Analytics with my analysis (if you are using Google Analytics)
  6. A review of your Google Adwords (if you are using Google Adwords)
  7. An SEO audit (which one of my competitors has on their website for $795.00 – yikes!).
  8. A $125.00 credit toward any work you hire me to do based on your report and my recommendations
  9. Your report in ten days or less
  10. Risk Free: 100% complete satisfaction from everyone who has hired me to to a review for their website – they are that valuable!

Chris Jaeger
Marketing to Brides Online / Book More Weddings
Practical Online Marketing

(866) 652-7791


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