The Four People It Takes to Create a Great Performing Website

by Chris Jaeger

in Internet Marketing Basics,What You Should Know

90% of the people who I have seen fail share one thing in common – they “put all their eggs in one basket.”

The other 10% who have wasted time, money, and have very little to show for it tried to “do it themselves” or do it cheaply.

In today’s competitive marketplace if you don’t have the time, expertise, and the appropriate skills, the best you can hope for is marginal results. You might even squeak out a real profit from time to time.

Without time, expertise, and the appropriate skills you also greatly increase your risk of failure.

The formula for successful website design requires that you hire a team of experienced professionals, not any one individual.

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to build your new house, would you?

Your team of four includes an Internet marketing expert, project manager, graphics designer/programmer, and an Internet copywriter.

When all four work together with you, in a collaborative way, you can expect the final product to look great, get lots of inquiries, phone calls, and sales. You’ll be happy and will realize a great return on your investment.

(1) Internet Marketing Consultant/ (2) Project Manager

An Internet marketing expert understands website design but isn’t a graphics designer. They understand conversion and turning your website visitors into inquiries, phone calls, and sales. They have a rock-solid understanding of search engine optimization, traffic building strategy, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, and traffic analytics. Ideally, the Internet marketing expert you hire acts as a project manager and coordinates everything.

(3) Graphics Designer/Programmer

A graphics designer should have experience producing work that appeals to women. It’s all about the “Oh Yes” moment and they must be able to create an appropriate look and feel that makes a great first impression. Simultaneously, the design must allow for high-impact, search engine optimized marketing copy. This person also understands intuitive navigation, end-user experience, call-to-action, basic search engine optimization, and of course, well written programming code.

(4) Internet Copywriter

Once a bride finds your website, and experiences an “Oh Yes” moment (“Oh Yes! I finally found the website I was looking for!”), she is ready to actually read what you have to say on your pages. This is where an experienced Internet copywriter does their magic. Writing for the Internet is very different than writing for print. Hiring an experienced Internet copywriter that can write engaging copy which leads to inquiries and phone calls is a “must do” if you really want great results from your website.

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