The #1 Reason You Should Not Be Editing/Managing Your Own Website

by Chris Jaeger

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The #1 reason you should NOT be editing or managing your own website is…

You Really Don’t Have the Expertise

Let’s cut right to the chase: despite the fact that you’ve heard “it’s really pretty easy,” and a friend who owns their own business tells you “I work on my website all the time,” you don’t really the experience or expertise to fool around with anything behind-the-scenes at your website.

Do you work on your own car engine?

The large majority of you are right now saying: “Certainly not.”

Why not?

The answer: because it’s far too complicated to work on without expertise and experience. If you tried, you’d probably break something and it will end up costing you MORE to fix it. And if you have a REALLY NICE car, like a Mercedes Benz or BMW, you’d be CRAZY to try and work on it yourself, right?

The same applies to your website. Assuming you have a professionally designed and programmed website (which you should), there is very little chance you’ll get in there and make edits without compromising your design or trashing it completely.

Sure, if you’re using a Go Daddy “Website Tonight” you can get in there and make your own changes – but then you have bigger issues than ruining your design.

Unless you have expertise with HTML (hyper-text mark-up language), CSS (cascading style sheets), are a graphics designer (Photoshop), are a whiz with an editor like Dreamweaver, and you have experience as a marketing communications writer, you shouldn’t be editing or changing ANYTHING at your website.

What should you do? Hire (and pay) an expert!

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