Announcement: More Inquiries and Top 10 Google Rankings for Windy City Cakery

by Chris Jaeger

in Success Stories

Our new website is working great and business is picking up from what it was with our old site. We’re getting far more inquiries than we did before and we even got a cake order from someone in San Francisco (100 miles away!). We’re also now top ranked at Google and in most places ranked ahead of our competition. Thanks Chris for your expertise and help.”

Tony Samoska

Mary & Tony Samoska, owners of Windy City Cakery, in Orcutt California, recently attended my LIVE full-day “Build Your Wedding Business Workshop in Long Beach, California. I hold these with Rick Brewer from Get More Brides. He covers marketing and sales offline and I cover marketing to brides on the Internet. The Build Your Wedding Business Workshop events are a full-day of “hands-on” information designed specifically to give business owners and managers in the wedding industry the tools they need to reach more brides and book more weddings.

Unlike many workshops and seminars, our attendees end the day with a clearly defined work-plan for optimizing their marketing to brides strategy – both offline and online!

Over 60 wedding professionals spent the day taking notes, asking questions, talking about their frustrations, and getting actionable answers to address those challenges. We also did LIVE website reviews.

After the workshop Mary and Tony approached me and asked if I could help them with their Internet marketing.

They had a website and had been online for some time, but it just wasn’t working like they wanted it to.

We talked and identified the following issues:

  • They weren’t getting any inquiries (they had three or four over the past 90 day period).
  • The website wasn’t showing up anywhere at Google for searches they wanted to show up for.
  • Their competition was showing up at Google everywhere and as a result hurting their business.
  • They weren’t showing up in Google Places (Google Maps).

Marketing to brides was a big part of their overall marketing strategy. But Internet marketing was becoming a bit overwhelming and both Tony and Mary wanted to focus more attention on their business and not trying to figure out how to be Internet marketing experts.

Windy City Cakery has delicious, fun, and very special cakes and cupcakes. Their wedding cakes are incredible. Unfortunately, their current website did not communicate that (see the old home page below).

The plan was to:

  • Rebuild the website using WordPress (CMS)
  • Give it a professional, simple-to-navigate, clean look that leads to more inquiries (i.e. conversion)
  • Improve the inquiry process so they get more leads but also better leads
  • Optimize the new site for search engines and top rankings at Google and Google Places

The results:

  • The new site went live and in the first 90 days inquiries are up dramatically – about 300%.
  • They have a website that now works more effectively with the print advertising they do.
  • The new site is top 10 ranked at Google for our targeted keyword phrases.
  • Windy City Cakery is now showing up top ranked at Google Places also.

 Here’s What the Old Site Looked Like

 Google Rankings (06/05/2012)

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