Let’s Talk About Blogging

by Chris Jaeger

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Here are a handful of excerpts, related to blogging (Blogging Basics), from my upcoming book “1000 Things Every Business Owner & Manager Should Know About Internet Marketing.”

Topic: Let’s Talk About Blogging

Nearly 40% of US companies are currently use blogs for marketing purposes. Leaving blogging out of your overall Internet marketing strategy can put your company at a significant competitive DISADVANTAGE.

Companies that blog effectively have 55% more website visitors when compared to those who don’t.

Don’t wait for people to find your blog, be sure to link to it from your website as well as your social media touch-points (Facebook, Twitter). You can also put a link to it in your email signature!

I see a lot of people blogging but not putting links in their blog posts, links that allow readers to visit important pages at their website (and Google will see and also crawl – SEO).

I see a lot of people blogging who have email newsletters but not posting links to their email subscription form and giving people the opportunity to subscribe from their blog. You should do the same from your Facebook business page.

B2C companies that blog effectively get 88% more leads per month than those that don’t.

71% say blogs affect their purchasing decisions.

Using an effective call-to-action in your blog post sidebars is a powerful way to turn more of your blog readers into clicks! You might even use MULTIPLE calls-to-action!

Using industry specific keywords and keyword phrases in your blog posts will compliment your search engine optimization strategy.

Compliment your blog posts with the appropriate images and you will create a more powerful and engaging message. The more powerful and engaging your message, the more likely you’ll be to achieve a conversion.

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