Announcement: Ask Chris: Traffic But No Inquiries

by Chris Jaeger

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250x250-ask-chris-01Chris, we get pretty good traffic (about 300 visitor sessions per week according to Google Analytics), but we get very few inquiries. Also, our bounce rate is high, over 65%. Any ideas?

Sounds like you have a conversion problem!

Brides are very particular; that’s not new news, right? They are planning the most important day in their lives. They want everything about their wedding to LOOK GREAT and go smoothly.

Unfortunately, when they get to your website it doesn’t create what I call the “Oh Yes” moment – that first moment when a bride visiting your website says to herself…

“Oh Yes, this is the company I’ve been looking for!”

Expectations from brides are very high and you WILL NOT get a second chance to make a first impression. This explains your high bounce rate. Brides are taking one look at your home page and leaving.

If your website looks stale, dated, or put together by an amateur, why in the world would a bride consider hiring you for her very special day?

Additionally, I think you could significantly improve your marketing copy. It is completely missing a unique value proposition (UVP) and what’s in it for me message (WIIFM).

My recommendations: (1) Hire a professional website designer with wedding industry experience. Also (2) hire a marketing copywriter who can properly craft an engaging message.

Drop me a line here if I can help.

These two things will lower your bounce rate and lead to more inquiries instead of “bail outs.”

If you’re looking for some sites that create the “Oh Yes” moment and get great inquiries check out these three companies that hired me to help them with their Internet marketing and websites:

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